Gdańsk 16-19.08.2018 POLAND

Ahoy! Hooray! Amber Swing Story

It's five years already since Amber Swing Festival makes a mark on the map of the most important swing festivals in Europe. Every year in August, dancers, and enthusiasts of swing flock to the Polish Baltic coast to learn, dance and party in the wonderful city of freedom – Gdansk. The festival brings together international instructors and European bands for 3 days of fun. That's over 40 hours of workshops, shows, tasters, 4 dance parties and LIVE music.  Join us in Gdansk to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Amber swing together!


Nils & Bianca 

Winners of European Swing Dance Championships. Their core values of teaching are to make their students reach their full potential as dancers and have while fun doing it. Join them at Amber Swing Festival 2018!

Daniil & Maria

One of the most famous Russian couples in the Lindy Hop world. Professional dancers, performers, teachers, and choreographers known for their creativity and unique vision on dancing.

Felipe & Lucile 

As a teacher Lucile loves giving her students the ideas and freedom to discover their own way of moving and to find out how to adapt and connect with everyone. Training in theatrical acting gave Felipe body awareness and control as well as an ability to improvise. Feel their flow and join. 

Konrad & Agnieszka

Together they have found Blues and Slow Dance to be the perfect forms of expression. Based on a dialogue, musical interpretation, improvisation and constant flow of energy, these two dances have given them lots of freedom on the dancefloor and a huge scope of expression.


head DJ  Lord Arnas

Driven by a love for The Jazz Age (Ages of Jazz) dance and music, as well as the whole culture that surrounds it, Lord Arnas represents exceptional quality DiscJockey services – Rhythm Lord Brothers – who are committed to ferry their listeners almost a century back, to a time where a party was no paltry matter and a swinging dancer’s feet were never allowed to stop… ever.

Live music - MORE INFO SOON!