Lindy Hoppers from all over the world!
We’re getting ready to bounce with you again.

Amber Swing is coming and it will take place between
22nd and 25th August 2019 .


See you there!

Festival will start in:



12 June 2019

We’ve heard some rumors that you love a lot of space for your fancy moves, wooden floor and a unique place in terms of its history and atmosphere. That’s fortunate because that’s exactly what we can offer you during our festival!   In August we’ll meet again in the heart of the Gdańsk Shipyard – […]

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And the winner is…

27 May 2019

Let’s make it official: our contest for this year’s tshirt design (and Full Pass for Amber Swing 2019) won Svetlana Kuznetsova. Congrats to her for awesome work! So make some space in your wardrobe, soon you’ll have a chance to wear this piece of art.

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Lester’s Blues

22 May 2019

It’s time to announce the band everybody! It’s the first time you’ll see them in Poland, the hot jazz straight outta Ghent – Lester’s Blues! Check out the clips if you fancy yourself some Basie style – you know these guys are one of the finest out there, and they swing hard – keeping the […]

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Please sign up to the group that you think is appropriate for your level of dancing. However, it is not binding and the actual group that you will end up will be verified during audition.

This year we will have 5 levels of Lindy Hop:


You’ve been to some classes, done some practice on your own, you know basic six-count and eight-count moves. In general: you have at least a few months of experience.


This one’s for the casual lindyhopper. You know basic rhythms and general patterns (eight counts, six counts, charlestons, jig walks etc.), as well as fundamental ideas of leading and following. Here, you will not only hone your basics, but also work on transforming your dance from a bunch of moves glued together into a rhythmical reflection of the music.


This one is for the experienced hoppers, not ones that started last month. Here, both your connection to the rhythm and the overall flow of your dancing should be reasonably convincing. Expect some faster tempos, and possibly also rhythm variations and personal interpretations. Generally, the level is going to be about exploration of rhythmical musicality.


You’ve got at least 4 years of active (i.e. regularly attending workshops) experience under your belt. You find improvisation easy and don’t do it at the expense of your partner.


Advanced+ means highly advanced dancing and a highly advanced approach from both sides of the class environment. You should have high ambitions and your experience should be quite broad. This means dancing for more than 5 years and attending international workshops on a regular basis, while also possibly taking part in competitions. You easily improvise to the music and are not at all afraid of fast tempos: all the while the connection with your partner remains strong. You have your own style and you are an inspiration to your home scene.


Anna Forss & Jakob Bergelin

We’ve been hunting them, trying to get them to come to Gdansk for a long, long time already.
Ladies and Gents, for the first time in Poland, the one and only, the hottest of the hot… Anna & Jakob.

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Sandra Klack & Marcus Rosendal

We’re going back to the roots with Sandra & Markus! These are the pros you’re looking for if you want to do it the oldschool way – both when it comes to dancing and partying. Get ready for some real RAW and CRAZY energy!

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Erin Morris & Rafał Pustelny

You may have noticed that it’s a little tradition that we have a Polish teacher at every Amber Swing. This year our Polish teacher is coming all the way from the US!
AND HE COOL BOY! You’ve rooted for him at the ILHC and you know ain’t nobody got anything on his style! That’s right kids, get on the hype train right now; we got him this year – RAFAL PUSTELNY is coming to town, and he’s bringing ERIN MORRIS along!

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Rivital Englender & Tomer Bernard

Taster teacher

Hey, do you know these two? Well you better do, cause that’s Tomer Bernard and Rivital Englender from Swing It Dance School and they’re coming all the way from Israel to give us a fancy taster! 

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Klér Přecechtělová & Ján Kubriczký

Taster teacher

Kler is a musician who also started dancing. As of her early childhood she loved to dance but never found the right style to fit her passion. Until she found Lindy Hop. Coming from Brno, Czech Republic where she started dancing, she moved to Slovakia’s capital Bratislava to teach Swing Dance and also to study […]

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Miglė Česiūnaitė & Vilmantas Balynas

Taster teacher

Miglė and Vilmantas are Lindy Hop teachers from the heart of Lithuania – Kaunas. 
They discovered this dance together more than 8 years ago and they are still enjoying their journey and passion through this wonderful world of swing dance. 

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Sylwia Rozpierska & Michał Ruszkawski

Taster teacher

Known for their love for fast swingouts, they radiate positive vibes each time they enter the dancefloor. Prepare for insane amounts of good energy!

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We will start our festival with the Thursday Party.

On Friday, around 10:00 we’ll have an audition for all levels. After that we’ll start classes.

Each level will have in total 8 hours of classes with our teachers.

At Friday and Saturday Parties we’ll get crazy to the live music of Lester’s Blues.

Sunday Party will end up our festival.

More detailed schedule coming soon!


Full Pass Party Pass
Early Bird
till 30.06
620 PLN / 155 € 270 PLN / 70 €
Slow Bird
1.07 - 31.07
660 PLN / 165 €
Late Bird
from 1.08
720 PLN / 180 € 300 PLN / 75 €

8 hours of Lindy Hop classes (5 levels)

4 hours of taster classes

4 parties (2 of them with live music by Lester’s Blues)

4 hours of taster classes

4 parties (2 of them with live music by Lester’s Blues)


We’re gonna get crazy during 4 parties, 2 of them (Friday & Saturday) will be with the live music.


BHP Hall

We’ve heard some rumors that you love a lot of space for your fancy moves, wooden floor and a unique place in terms of its history and atmosphere. That’s fortunate because that’s exactly what we can offer you during our festival!

In August we’ll meet again in the heart of the Gdańsk Shipyard – in the BHP Hall! This is the place where the history of Poland changed its course. It was where “Gdańsk Agreement” of 31 August 1980 was signed, which led to the establishment of Independent Self-Governing Trade Union “Solidarność” and later resulted in the end of the Communist rule in Poland. A party in such a unique place is of a particular importance to us.

Get ready for the amazing parties which will take you for a ride to the past and let you taste a little bit of the industrial atmosphere!


Lester’s Blues

Lester’s Blues lend their name from one of the most bittersweet songs by saxophonist Lester Young, arguably the greatest stylist that has been in jazz. Inspired by 1930’s small band recordings of Count Basie and his alumni, Lester’s Blues want to approach their music, style, vibe and effortless swing that changed the face of jazz with a fresh and vigorous touch. The septet is modelled after some of the bands the Count had: a four-piece rhythm section with piano and rhythm guitar, and three horns, composed of leading Belgian and Dutch seasoned jazz and swing players, each having earned their stripes through many years of gigging and practice. They will surely cater for a stomping party!




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