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Secret Auction

19 August 2019

Have you heard the news? We, lindyhoppers of Gdańsk, are opening our own and very first dance studio. That’s right!!

The renovation of our place costs quite a lot so we figured out that maybe some of you would like to support our case. Sooo… 

On Friday during the evening party a Secret Auction will take place. We will offer you an extraordinary chance to bid private lessons with our best school Instructors in Gdańsk, photo session during the Amber Swing and other fantastic options. There will also be some hand-made shoe bags, tote bags, jewellery, Swing Revolution Trójmiasto gadgets and more. Look for the signs, find us on Friday and bid your dreams!

All profit will be intended to help us renovate our new dance studio. Help us make our dreams come true! Who knows – maybe next year we’ll meet in our place. 

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