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20 August 2019

You may have noticed that the schedule of the classes and parties jumped on our website. So let’s talk about that!

💥 You won’t find out Beginner-Intermediate level on the schedule and it’s not a mistake. We had A LOOOT registrations for INT-ADV level, so we decided that we’ll have 2 groups for that level. Also we combined Beginner-Intermediate and Intermediate into one group (INT). Don’t worry about anythiing – we still have our audition and our teachers will adjust classes to the level of each group. A name is just a name!

💥 We’ll have 3 competitions: Open JnJ on Friday, Advanced JnJ on Saturday and Strictly Lindy on Sunday. What can you gain besides the eternal glory and admiration of other dancers? Well, completely by accident we have some passes for events like Dragon Swing, Retro Weekend, Athens Rhythm Hop, Bratislava Lindy Exchange, One Minute Challenge, Seaside Swing Affair & more. What a coincidence!

💥 Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day to register for single parties. As we said, we won’t sell tickets at the door. And no, we won’t change our minds. 😉

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