20 August 2019

You may have noticed that the schedule of the classes and parties jumped on our website. So let’s talk about that! 💥 You won’t find out Beginner-Intermediate level on the schedule and it’s not a mistake. We had A LOOOT registrations for INT-ADV level, so we decided that we’ll have 2 groups for that level. […]

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Secret Auction

19 August 2019

Have you heard the news? We, lindyhoppers of Gdańsk, are opening our own and very first dance studio. That’s right!! The renovation of our place costs quite a lot so we figured out that maybe some of you would like to support our case. Sooo…  On Friday during the evening party a Secret Auction will […]

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9 August 2019

First time in Gdańsk? Curious about the biggest architectural fuck-up of the Old Town? Say no more, we have something special prepared for you — on Thursday afternoon, Piotr Baranowski will take you on a walk around the historical part of the city and tell you everything worth knowing. Don’t miss it!

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Mattias Lundmark on board!

29 July 2019

Hello everybody, some important news here! We’ve been informed by Marcus that he won’t be able to attend this year, so we’re doing the Ol’ Swedish Switcheroo. We’re having his old pal Mattias Lundmark to cover for him. He’s just the man we need!

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12 June 2019

We’ve heard some rumors that you love a lot of space for your fancy moves, wooden floor and a unique place in terms of its history and atmosphere. That’s fortunate because that’s exactly what we can offer you during our festival!   In August we’ll meet again in the heart of the Gdańsk Shipyard – […]

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And the winner is…

27 May 2019

Let’s make it official: our contest for this year’s tshirt design (and Full Pass for Amber Swing 2019) won Svetlana Kuznetsova. Congrats to her for awesome work! So make some space in your wardrobe, soon you’ll have a chance to wear this piece of art.

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Lester’s Blues

22 May 2019

It’s time to announce the band everybody! It’s the first time you’ll see them in Poland, the hot jazz straight outta Ghent – Lester’s Blues! Check out the clips if you fancy yourself some Basie style – you know these guys are one of the finest out there, and they swing hard – keeping the […]

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T-shirt competition

15 April 2019

One of the coolest things about the previous Amber Swings were the tshirts. Especially since they were designed by you! So let’s do it again, it’s up to you to design this year’s Amber Swing threads, winner gets a full pass!

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Hello world!

6 November 2018

Lindy Hoppers from all over the world! We’re getting ready to bounce with you again – Amber Swing 2019 is coming! Stay tuned and as excited as we are, more info coming soon! Can’t wait to see you again on the dancefloors in Gdańsk! Love, Amber Swing Crew

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