The legal organizer of the event Amber Swing Festival (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”) is Szkoła tańca Swing Revolution Katarzyna Bąk.


1. All Participants of the Event take part in it voluntarily and on their own responsibility.
2. Participants declare that their state of health allows them to take part in the Event and there are no medical contraindications.
3. The Organizer, its employees or contractors shall not be liable for any damages or loss that may occur before, during or after the Event for which they are not at fault. They, especially, are not liable for any losses and thefts that may happen during festival events.
4. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Event due to the reasons that are beyond the Organizer’s control (for example the national mourning). The Organizer will not have any liability resulting from such a cancellation.
5. Participants are fully liable for all the damages caused by them during the Event, both to the Organizer, other Participants and third persons; in the event of the accident or the appearance of any loss Participant will not hold the Organizer, its employees or contractors liable if they are not at fault.
6. The programme of the Event and the class schedule published on and on the Facebook’s fan page have strictly informational character. The Organizer will take every effort to ensure that all the events happen according to the published programme.
7. The Organizer reserves the right to change the venues and the time of the specific events as well as the announced artists.

Conditions of registration for the event

1. The registration must be done via the registration form.
2. Registrations of minors have to be signed by their statutory representative.
3. Within 7 days from sending the registration form Registrants will receive an email from the Organizer with either a confirmation of participation or information that they were placed on the waiting list. The payments shall be done within 72 hours from sending the confirmation email by the Organizer. If the Participant does not transfer the due amount his registration will be cancelled.
4. People registering as a pair have to fill in two separate registration forms indicating the name and surname of their dance partner. Pair registration will only be valid if both partners register within 72 hours. If this is not the case, both registration will be treated as individual.

Payments for dance workshops and parties

1. Due amount will be stated in the confirmation email. In the case of any errors regarding the due amount Participants are asked to contact the Organizer in order to solve the problem.
2. All payments shall be done in PLN or EUR.
3. Payment can be done via bank transfer to the indicated bank account of the Organizer.

Conditions of resignation

1. Resignation can be made personally or via email, from the address given in the form.
2. In the case of resignation the Organizer keeps the amount of money paid by Participants:
a) 50% of the payment if the resignation is made till 1 August 2019,
b) 100% of the payment if the resignation is made after 1 August 2019.
3. In individual cases, when the resignation made after 1 August 2019 is a result of chance events that are beyond the Participant’s control, the Organizer will consider a compensation of the amount paid.

Image usage agreement

By taking part in any event organized by Amber Swing Festival a Participant agrees to his/her image fixed in any form (photos, recordings and others) be published and used.

Final provisions

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations at any time before the commencement day of the Event without the need for any notification of the changes on www pages. The current version of the Regulations will be available on site during the Event and it will be considered as valid and binding.